Treatment List 

 Just relax and let your skin glow

You can choose the range of Facials to suit your skin type and your personal needs. 

Refresh your skin with a Relaxing Facial or go for a Deep Cleansing Facial to remove impurities from deep inside and make your skin glowing.

''True Beauty'' offers Kaeso skincare range to achieve the best results.

Kaeso’s unique formulations are made with the finest, natural ingredients to assure the highest quality skincare.

Contains no parabens, sulphates, propylene glycol, mineral oil.


Express Facial 30 min.                                                 £26.00

Relaxing Facial 1 hour                                                 £40.00

Deep cleansing facial 75 min.                                      £45.00

Collagen anti ageing facial  1hour                              £50.00

Galvanic Anti ageing facial

 (using electric current for better product penetration...)


Revitalise and De-Stress your mind and body

Relax and enjoy a body massage to ease away your stress and tension.Experience body massage designed specifically for you and your needs.

Body Treatments

Back, Shoulder and Neck Massage 30 min.                     £26.00                             

Full Body Massage 1 hour                                              £40.00

Leg Massage 30 min.                                                       £25.00

Foot Massage 20 min.                                                    £20.00

Body Scrub 30 min.                                                          £20.00

Body  Wrap to loose inches 1 hour 30 min.                   £45.00

Reflexology                                                                 £35.00

 Eye Treatments

Eyebrow tint                                                               £8.00

Eyelash tint                                                               £12.00

Lash and Brow tint                                                     £16.00


LA TAN spray tan full body                                         £20.00
Siena X Cream Tan application and 
Full body exfoliation                                                   £40.00

Silky and smooth skin

Remove the hair and create silky smooth skin. All waxing is carried out with warm ''Tea Tree'' wax or Hot Film wax. ''Tea Tree'' wax has antiseptic qualities and is ideal for use on sensitive skin. Hot Film wax is created especially to remove hair from the most sensitive area such as bikini. This wax is much gentler on the skin and makes hair removal less painful.


Full leg                                                                      £22.00

Full leg and bikini line                                                £30.00

Half leg                                                                      £15.00

Bikini line                                                                   £12.00

G-String                                                                     £15.00

Brazilian                                                                    £28.00

Hollywood                                                                 £30.00

Underarm                                                                  £10.00

Full arm                                                                     £15.00

Half arm                                                                    £10.00

Eyebrow wax                                                              £8.00

Lip or Chin wax                                                          £5.00

Side of the face wax                                                   £8.00

Bottom wax                                                                £10.00

Men's Waxing

Back and Shoulders                                                   £22.00

Chest and Stomach                                                   £22.00

Pamper your hands and feet

Perfectly manicured hands and feet simply make you feel fabulous. Sit back, relax and feel pampered.

 Nails, Hands and Feet

File and polish hands                                                      £8.00

Mini manicure 30 min.                                                     £15.00

Spa manicure 45 min.                                                     £20.00

File and polish toes                                                        £10.00

Express pedicure 30 min.                                               £17.00

Spa pedicure 45 min.                                                     £25.00

Callus treatment 30min.                                                £25.00     

( hard skin removal )

Gelish Nail Colour which lasts up to 15 days

Soak OFF                                                                               £10.00

Gellish  - gel polish  full manicure 1hour 20 min.              £35.00

Gellish - gel polish quick manicure 50 min.                       £25.00

Gellish - gel polish full pedicure 1 hour 30 min.                £50.00

Gellish - gel polish express pedicure 1 hour                      £35.00